About Image"From the age of thirteen I decided that I wanted to be a photographer. That wish grew into a passion."

"From the moment I picked up a camera and started taking my own photographs I knew I had found something that made me feel alive. I remember being in a darkroom at the age of 15 and experiencing the wonder of watching my image appear on piece of paper whilst rocking the developer tray back and forward."

"Well how things have changed, I embraced the digital revolution with open arms. I love digital photography, it's allowed me to be so much more creative with my camera and then opened up a whole array of new techniques with postproduction. It seems the possibilities are endless. I have always thought my personality went hand in hand with my work, I am definitely a people person and get so much enjoyment out of exploring different personality's. I see everyone as an individual and want to show that in my photographs."

About Image"Over the last eight years I have also explored photography as fine art and have exhibited in Milton Keynes, London and New York. I always have personal projects that I am working on, the latest being fashion photography. To keep up with my latest work please view my blog. Or to view my fine art just visit my art page where you can browse through a selection of my images."

"Photography, its my profession, my passion, my life."


To discuss any of the services we offer, please email us at info@mariabarry.co.uk, call 01296 712528 or 07721 596697 or click here to contact us.

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