With exhibitions in London and at MTV in Times Square, New York, under her belt already, Maria Barry is serious about abstract art and expressing herself using photography as a medium. Her latest work is a series of images called Bendy Buildings as part of her Bendy Life project; a Dali meets Warhol fusion in photographic form.

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

Bendy Life

Maria Barry brings an exciting breath of fresh air to London's most iconic landmarks. Inspired after exhibiting in New York, Maria came back with a desire to create an exciting new perspective of familiar landmarks.

Drawing from her previous works in which she focused on 'everyday objects so familiar you hardly saw them', Maria incorporated this narrative into her current body of work 'Bendy Life'.

These powerful, interesting and stimulating images have aroused a new sense of identity and interest to everyday landmarks; refreshingly bringing images into the modern arena and reflecting the duality between reality and imagination. In one of her most thought provoking and stimulation pieces of work to date 'Bendy Life'.

Battersea Power Station
Battersea Power Station

Please take the time to view the slideshow where you can view the whole series of images, to purchase images please go to the online album.

Images are presented either framed or mounted using diasec (A face mounting method similar to photographs on acrylic glass).

For more information about Maria's art work and exhibitions, email her at, call 01296 712528 or 07721 596697.


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