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Maria Barry Corporate Photo SampleIf you're looking for a photographer to take photos for your website, brochures, reports, or at any events, Maria Barry has the experience and skill to deliver polished, professional images with a difference. Her unique style creates unique pictures to really help your company stand out. She also has the ability to get the most out of a wide range of people, which is crucial in corporate photography. From directors of multi-nationals to the average employee, Maria can put them all at their ease and take fantastic images.

Documenting Events

You may find it useful for future promotional material, to have reportage or documentary style photographs taken at conferences, corporate hospitality functions or other events. Maria's reportage style will be sure to capture people enjoying the event, or gripped by the conference speaker. Images such as these can then easily be used to encourage people to attend the events in the future.

Maria Barry Corporate Photo Sample Marketing Material

Almost all forms of marketing material will involve the use of photographs, and they can make the difference between an average campaign and a brilliant one. As such, it is crucial that the photographs taken work with the text to help achieve your company's goals. Maria can work with you to fully understand what you hope to achieve with each marketing campaign, and then take photographs that compliment that.


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